Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Love Weekends

  • I get so much joy in doing "normal" stuff with my boys.  Today was our usual routine of church, grocery shopping and a long Sunday nap.  
  • Since the church is being renovated, Kayden is sitting in church with us. He's a busy body.  But today he was moving around a lot, switching seats a lot, but quiet.  During fellowship time, he was walking around shaking hands and smiling at people. #mommasheart
  • Little things bring them pleasure like - making icecream floats for them or having garlic bread with their meals.
  • Kayden routinely says, "Thank you mom. Thank you mom."
  • Trips to Walmart for groceries mean he speaks to lots o strangers. "Hi there! Bye! I said bye!" LOL
  • Yesterday Kayden and I went to Waffle House for breakfast b/c we had to drop Tyler off at a community service project very early.  Kayden insisted he wasn't hungry and didn't want to eat.  But as soon as we sat down at our booth he screamed "I want eggs with cheese mom. I want juice."
  • I appreciate him being able to communicate his wants to me.
  • We had a great day in the park yesterday that included jazz music, pizza and lots of space for a toddler to run around.  Here are a few photos of our weekend..
Sunday dinner  - A new recipe for Mardi Gras pasta

 My future tiger :-)

 New Hair color. No more dark roots!
 The breakfast turn up!
 He has a new Spongebob electric toothbrush and he wants to brush his teeth ALL day!

Saints fans start early


Day 30 - Praying About Your Seeds & Soil

Today is the final day of the Prayer Challenge!  I hope that you have gotten something out of this month's challenge to write your prayers and pray daily.  When we began this challenge, most of us listed a few things we would be praying for during the month.  We committed to trying to write our prayers down so we'd have a record of prayers and answered prayers later on.  When we began on August 1st, we didn't know that on August 9th Ferguson would happen.  We didn't know that during the month we'd be challenged and attacked by different things in our own lives.  It's just a reminder to us to always be proactive in our prayers and in everything - pray first.

Today I wanted to wrap up our challenge and talk a little about the seeds we sow and our soil.  I included this photo of the pretty roses I got from Kayden's daycare.  I've talked about how much time she spends outside in her yard tending to her plants.  During the colder months, she is preparing the soil.  Then she's turning over the dirt and fertilizing it and then planting seeds.  And even when spring arrives and her roses are in full bloom, while she gets to enjoy the beauty of her flowers and the smell of roses permeating her home, she still does maintenance on them.  When she gives me flowers, it's b/c she's had to cut some of them and prune the plants.  She's told me that "The more flowers I cut away, the more return in their place."

"The point is this:  whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully."  2 Corinthians 9:6

So I'd like you to reflect a little on the seeds you are sowing in your lives.  You may not be purposely sowing seeds, but you are always sowing seeds.  So what kind of seeds are you sowing?

When I commit myself to prayer and studying God's word, I'm planting seeds in my life so that when I keep reading and studying his word, it will eventually take root in my heart.  Whenever things come up, the word will bloom and I'll remember how the Bible says to handle those situations.

When I spend time "training my children" in our faith, those seeds may take years to bloom, but I will see evidence of the seeds. How?  When my son has a heart to see his friends also have a relationship with Christ.  Or when he observes his fellow man in need, he wants to step in and help.  And even when I have a trying time and I forget my first line of defense (prayer) he reminds me, "Mom maybe we should say a prayer about this."

"Now the parable is this:  The seed is the word of God."  Luke 8:11

And what about our soil?  "A sower went out to sow his seed.  And as he sowed, some fell along the path and was trampled underfoot, and the birds of the air devoured it."  Luke 8:5

What does your soil look like?  When you hear the word, are you meditating on it?  Or as soon as you hear it you've already forgotten it b/c your soil is full of other junk that is contrary to it?  What kind of things are you reading, hearing and watching and even saying? Do they conflict with the new seeds you are trying to plant in your soil.

Are you allowing the weeds to choke out those seeds of prayer that you are planting?  Have you undergone the process of removing and tilling out the soil of those things that you don't want a harvest on?

So for the final day of the challenge, I'd like you to reflect upon the seeds you are sowing and also your soil AKA your heart and mind.  Then pray about the condition of it and ask God to help you plant good seeds and that your heart and mind be open to not just hearing his word, but planting it and tending it and feeding it, so that when it blooms it will be what you want.

Finally, since today is the end of the challenge, I would like you to share something you've learned about prayer, something you've discovered about yourself during this challenge or even an answered prayer during this month.  It has been a blessing to me to share with you and to hear how prayer changes things.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Kayden can count:  

Kayden is A Talker:

My little guy is growing up super fast! He's so smart and so affectionate.  Lately, he stays in bed when I put him down at night, but then in the middle of the night he is standing outside my bedroom door knocking..   I feel like this week with Tyler starting school, I've been more hands on with Tyler. Sitting at the kitchen table talking to him about his day and about his assignments and trying to get him to plan things out vs just doing them.  We talked a lot about making a blue print/draft before he tackles something. So while I'm doing this, it's less time spent hands on with Kayden.

Yesterday I told Kayden it was his time and so we found his legos and I knew he could say his numbers, but I wanted him to connect the dots with numbers + counting items.  He hasn't played with his blocks in a couple months b/c they were in his toy box. I got them out for him and he proceeded to build and count.  I had to literally drag him out of the living room when it was bath time.

PS. He brings a lot of joy to our house!

Discussion Question

What do you do when you desire something deeply and you don't have it or you lose it and you have to watch and celebrate those around you who receive or have what you desire? How do you handle this?

PS. I'll elaborate on this later, but I want you to think about this scenario and give me your thoughts.